07 junho 2010

Dog Olympic Games - Lignano Sabbiadoro 15 - 17 Ottobre 2010

From 14 to 17 October 2010, will take place in Lignano Sabbiadoro the first Dog Olympic ® (DOG ®) in the history of dog lovers Italian and European, an event held every two years and see how its protagonists our dear dog.

The aim is to make an international festival of DOG ® dog lovers dog sport and culture, where the main purpose would be to participate than to win. The disciplines set out in the first edition of these innovative Sino-Olympic will be well 11 (agility, jumping, tunnels cup, rally obedience, obedience, fly ball, disc dog, dog dancing, research, swimming and carry water) with competitions will be held every Friday and Saturday while the finals will be played on Sunday.

Besides the racing, the DOG will be enriched by a social-scientific. In fact, three days are also held Friulian veterinary conferences, seminars, training, product and service, which will enjoy all the patronage of SCIVAC.

Even the location of DOG ® is special because it all takes place in the modern Even the location of DOG is special because it all takes place in the modern of the sports village "Ge. Tur. "Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), an immense structure of recent construction surrounded by 60 acres of pine forest, with a capacity of reception in his residence of 3000 seats, with 5 restaurants, 10 sports (including swimming pools, tennis football and basketball) made more flexible to the event and over 15 in meeting and conferences.

Na magnifica cidade de Lignano Sabbiadoro , perto da Eslovénia , vão realizar-se os Dog Olympic .

Uma excelente noticia e um magnifico evento ....que um "dia" destes merece uma visita do Just Agility !!

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Retirei esta informação do site Aurea, um site excelente com noticias mundiais diariamente

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