11 agosto 2010

European Open Agility Championship 2012

Em Inglaterra não se brinca ao Agility .... ao contrario de outros países !!

A organização para o EO2012 já esta a trabalhar naquilo que promete ser uma grande festa de Agility.

Então vejam bem

O EO2012 vai se realizar no Kelmarsh Hall em Northamptonshire nos dias 3 de Agosto 2012 a 5 Agosto de 2012
O International Agility Festival 2012 vai se realizar no Kelmarsh Hall em Northamptonshire nos dias 10 de Agosto 2012 a 12 Agosto de 2012

Uma semana inteira de festa Agiliteira !!!!!! pelo meio ainda temos uns dias para fazer umas visitas pelas cidades mais próximas ....Londres fica a 110 Km

Estes dois grandes eventos vão se realizar no Kelmarsh Hall , um local simplesmente extraordinário onde o International Agility Festival se realiza todos os anos, composta por uma mansão enorme do século 18 e inúmeros e espantosos jardins rodeados de espaços verdes.

São 45 hectares disponíveis para o evento mais 30 hectares para o parqueamento e campismo, com fáceis acessos o Kelmarsh Hall tem tudo para a pratica deste desporto extraordinário que é o Agility

The event site has superb views of the Hall over the ornamental lake with a
bridge providing the potential for access to the house and gardens. It is
surrounded by estate land and an exclusive use policy means that, for the
duration of the European Open Agility Championships 2012, the venue is totally
dedicated to the needs of the agility competitors and their dogs.
Localização no Google Maps

Site oficial do EO2012

Todas as provas, especialmente internacionais implicam bastante preparação ....esta muito mais que as restantes.
Viajar com animais para UK obedece a algumas regras e a regras de quarentena

Deixo aqui toda a informação necessária para uma viajem sem problemas para Inglaterra , retirado do site oficial do EO2012

Travelling to the UK with your dog

The Kennel Club welcomes overseas dogs competing at UK licensed events, but bringing your dog into the UK takes some organisation. Of course you will need to comply with all the regulations required for the Pet Travel Scheme, but there are many other regulations that require consideration, from travelling safely in a car to travelling on planes or ferries. These regulations can change on a regular basis, so it is wise to check before you leave.

Welfare of your dog
Dog welfare is of primary concern to the Kennel Club. When deciding whether you want to travel to the UK to compete with your dog, you really need to decide whether it is in your dog's best interest to travel a great distance to compete in the UK. If you are certain that the welfare of your dog will not be compromised when travelling to the UK, then the following information should be useful to you.

Quarantine Regulations
There are strict rules on bringing your dog into the UK, and you will need to act at least eight months before you travel. Full details.
ATC (Authority to Compete) Number
You will NOT need to obtain an ATC number from the Kennel Club to compete in the European Open Agility Championships 2012. However you will need an ATC number to compete in the Kennel Club International Agility Festival which follows, or any other Kennel Club licensed agility shows while you are in the UK. You should apply for an ATC number at least one month before entries for the relevant agility show close.

It is strongly advised that you consider travel insurance which will cover you and your pet for emergency overseas veterinary costs, kennelling fees and third party liability.
Air travel with your dog
• When flying into the UK, ensure that the airport has the facilities to cater for dogs entering the UK under the Pet Passport Scheme - not all airports in Britain have signed up to the Scheme yet.
• Ensure that your dog has sufficient water in its flying crate and that this will be checked by the airport staff before your dog is loaded onto the aircraft and at any stop-overs.
• On arrival in the UK, Customs may request that you give a value for your dog. Although viewed by Customs as imported 'goods', you should not overstate the value of your dog since this attracts tax.
Staying in the UK
• Once in the UK, be aware that not all hotels will accept dogs. If they do, they may make an additional charge for its stay. (Please see our European Open 2012 Accommodation Guide for more information)
• Transport your dog safely, preferably by using a special dog guard, dog cage or canine harness. Always ensure your dog has plenty of ventilation and shade in a car and that fresh drinking water is always readily available.
• Never leave your dog unattended in a car for long periods of time, and NEVER in hot weather.

Dog laws in the UK
Please be aware of dog laws in the UK. The Kennel Club Information Guide, Do you know dog law? will assist you.
Further relevant information on travelling with your dog in the UK can be obtained by reading the Kennel Club Information Guide Road travel with your dog.

What you need to know about Quarantine Regulations
Before you may enter the UK with your dog, you will need to comply with strict regulations laid down by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). An outline of these regulations is given below, although the Kennel Club advises that you check the DEFRA website for further information. Please note that you must start this process by vaccinating your dog AT LEAST seven and a half months before the date you plan to travel.

What you need to do before entering the UK:
• Your dog must be microchipped with an ISO approved microchip.
• After the dog has been microchipped, it must be vaccinated with an inactivated rabies vaccine.
• Details of both the vaccine and microchip should be recorded on your dog's veterinary record.
• Approximately 30 days after the vaccination, your vet should take a blood sample which must be sent to one of the DEFRA approved laboratories to check that the vaccine has taken effect. This check can be done later, although 30 days is the optimum for an accurate result.
• The result of the blood test will be returned to your vet, and in order to pass, the titre (antibody) level must be 0.5 or more. If the titre level is less than required, then the vaccination and test must be repeated.
• Your vet will issue a Pet Passport (for Europe) or a certificate confirming all the above on completion.
• Six calendar months after a successful blood test you will be free to travel to the UK from the approved countries listed on the DEFRA website.
• Dogs must be treated for ticks and parasites by a qualified vet who will record this information on a certificate (or in the Pet Passport for European dogs) not less than 24 hours and not more than 48 hours before entry into the UK.

Entering the UK:
• The routes allowing entry into the UK are varied, and not all airlines and ports are currently part of the Pet Travel Scheme. Therefore it is advisable to contact DEFRA or consult the DEFRA website- routes and carriers for full details on the applicable routes and airlines.
• All the necessary checks should be made before a dog enters the UK, except for those dogs flying into the UK, whose documentation will be checked on arrival at the airport.
• A full list of the Pet Travel Scheme approved countries can be obtained from the DEFRA website- listed countries or http://www.defra.gov.uk/.

Site oficial da DEFRA

Fotos retiradas do Kennel Club no flickr
( apenas as retirei para publicação neste blog, e sem intuito de venda)

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