04 fevereiro 2011

EO2012 - Inglaterra ...cancelado

European Open Agility Championships 2012

It is with considerable regret that the Kennel Club has announced that it will not now be able to host the European Agility Championships in 2012 and has had to withdraw its bid to do so.

This follows notification that the FCI Board has refused its own Agility Commission’s decision of a year ago, that the competition in 2012 should be held in the UK and that it should be organised by the Kennel Club. Despite the fact that the competition is not ‘badged’ as an FCI event, and despite the Kennel Club’s original willingness to do so, the FCI Board has made its decision on the grounds that the Kennel Club cannot act as host because it is not a member of the FCI.

The FCI Board’s decision has come as a great shock, especially considering the amount of time that has elapsed since the FCI Agility Committee made its original decision, and given that news of nomination of the UK to hold the 2012 event has now been in the public domain for well over twelve months.

Caroline Kisko, the Kennel Club’s Communications Director says; “We are disappointed to have to make this announcement as the Kennel Club has always been happy and keen to encourage agility handlers in the UK to take part in the European Open. This is particularly disappointing as this competition, in line with our own UK Kennel Club policy, encourages handlers of non-pedigree dogs to participate on level terms with those of pedigree dogs. The KC has, over the years, worked hard to promote the good name of the FCI's agility events and of the European Open.“

The Kennel Club would like to stress that, if at some future time the FCI Board changes its point of view, the Kennel Club would certainly, once again, be very pleased to consider acting as host for this competition in a future year.

Politiquices !!!!!!!!!!

Just Agility

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Helena disse...

Possas ... realmente, politiquices !

1º é a mania dos ingleses de terem de ser diferentes de tudo e de todos, tendo de ter os seus próprios, grupos, associações, organizações, regras, etc. etc.

2º depois é realmente a mania do FCI de só cães com Lop poderem participar

Enfim, politiquices ...

Just Agility disse...

Verdadeiras tretas

Luíza disse...

É realmente uma pena! O KC é completamente competente para fazer um belo evento, tendo a prática de organizar o crufts todos os anos. Uma pena pois a FCI tem muito o que aprender com o KC, como a participação de cães sem pedigree no agility. Lamentável

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