19 junho 2012

International All Breeds Cup 2012 - Suiça

22. - 24. June 2012, Bad Zurzach, Switzerland

Welcome to the website of the INTERNATIONAL ALL BREEDS CUP. This contest provides an opportunity for a large group of different breeds, which will show the beauty of the sport in the different parcours and will liven up the Agility sport.
The idea to conduct the INTERNATIONAL ALL BREEDS CUP arose out of the thought that Agility should be a sport for all breeds and mixtures.  We should not forget, that this is exactly the advantage that enabled Agility to spread throughout the world and brought fun and joy to a lot of dogs and their owners.
I am very happy that the INTERNATIONAL ALL BREEDS CUP creates interest also in other countries and as such is gaining more and more Agility supporters.  It is the opportunity to not only compete within the same breed but also to meet a lot of new and interesting friends.
I am convinced that the idea of the INTERNATIONAL ALL BREEDS CUP is very interesting to you and that this event will be set in stone in your calendars going forward.  I wish you all a lot of luck and fun with your dogs.

Mais informações em www.iabc2012.ch

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