01 abril 2013

Mundial 2013 na Alemanha !!!

After several reasonings , the FCI have has decided that the Agility World Championship 2013 can not be organized in South Africa and has moved the event to Germany.

Everything happened very quickly, after several conferences the FCI representatives decided to move the world championship from South Africa to Germany. The main factor of this change was that a lot of handlers would not be able to afford the trip to South Africa and without a strong and large contingent of handlers the event would not be what it is, the most competitive international agility event in the world.The trip to SA is a long, grueling and expensive trip for dogs and humans, and for some of the countries it is unreachable.
Now it's official the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) informs that the FCI Agility World Championship 2013 will be held in Germany in Dortmund. The date remains the same: from the 9th to the 13th October
the official page is already online: www.fciagility2013.de


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Miguel disse...

1º de Abril :)

Flávio disse...

Só mereces que te chame nomes !!!!!

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