10 janeiro 2014

What’s wrong with the European Handling ?

Um belo artigo do Dante Camacho .... para ler

“European handling” is nothing but the natural development of handling, it’s very much like Darwin would suggest. The better adapted species will survive and thrive.
There is a race to learn the “European way” today, as if again just that would be enough to solve all people’s handling and training issues.
I see more and more often people trying to use blind crosses and fancy turns in situations where they are doing more harm than good to their runs but, they feel like they have to, in order to stay current.

Today, handlers are bombarded with different options and it’s hard to pick and choose who to take instruction from. My piece of advice is that you should try to learn from those that are open to the new but that don’t forget the old, those that will show you the importance of a German turn and of a rear cross.
There is no one way of doing things and whoever tries to convince you otherwise, has only their own agenda at heart.

Being European, North American, Japanese, South African, South American or from wherever you can think of, handling has always been about being clear to the dogs, and dogs are the same everywhere in the world.
Enjoy agility! 

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